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Chii is a cute but brave girl who is having a bad day. Why? Because on the way home from a hard day at work, Chii found her way blocked by a hole! Being a courageous sort, Chii attempts to jump the obstacle only to find herself tumbling down into a cavern below!

Now she is stuck underground in a mysterious cave chock to the brim with puzzles!

What's a Chii to do?

Note that while this is a complete version of the game, I am still working on it sporadically, adding more content. This version was made for an event on RMN.

Graphics by myself and Enterbrain!
Music by Ozzed

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Published 22 days ago
Tags8-bit, Female Protagonist, Retro

Install instructions

Unzip file and double click on the Game.exe file found within the game folder.

Arrow keys/Numpad Arrows/WASD to move
Enter/Space/X to Interact/Push


Chii's Challenge.rar 7 MB

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